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Videos of panel discussion during CellCAN Information Day - March 24th 2016 in Ottawa

The advances in cell therapy research are poised to revolutionize medicine, whether that’s harnessing the power of stem cells to treat a multitude of diseases or harnessing the power of the immune system to combat a multitude of cancers. Can stem cells really treat all diseases, regenerate entire organs, keep us from aging and even make us immortal? Can cell immunotherapies really cure cancers? How far along are these experimental treatments? Can we believe private clinics that offer miraculous treatments at exorbitant costs? People love stories of individual successes, but one story is not science. One story is not a treatment for all. It needs the backing of rigorous research.


  • Joe Sornberger, Director of communication programs, Canadian Stem Cell Foundation


  • Dr Kelley Parato, Scientific Director, BioCanRx
  • Dr Heidi Elmoazzen, Director of the National Public Cord Blood Bank, Canadian Blood Services
  • Dr Lauralyn McIntyre, Senior Scientist, Clinical Epidemiology Program, The Ottawa Hospital, University of Ottawa
  • Dr Bernard Thébaud, Senior Scientist, Regenerative Medicine Program, The Ottawa Hospital, CHEO, University of Ottawa

Dr Kelley Parato talks about adoptive cell therapy to treat cancer.

Dr Heidi Elmoazzen talks about how it works to donate cord blood, and the potential of cord blood.

Dr Lauralyn McIntyre talks about her clinical trial on using stem cells to treat sceptic shock.

Dr Bernard Thébaud talks about his clinical trial on how stem cells can be used to treat premature babies with bronchopulmonary dysplasia.

 Tina Ceroni, who was unable to make it to our event because of weather conditions, allowed us to share her incredible story as a patient who was cured thanks to stem cells.


  • 18-03-2016


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